Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow Award

October 2017, Systems Biology honoree

Award given to basic science postdoctoral researchers for exemplary research at Harvard Medical School

Resident Tutor at Harvard University

09/2013 - 06/2016

Kirkland House Engineering and Computer Science Tutor

Serve as the primary academic adviser for ~7 Harvard sophomores each year who plan on majoring in engineering or related fields, and hold weekly open office hours for help in computer science, engineering specialties, and math. Also help throw wellness-related events for the House. Twice-nominated for the Star Family Prize for Excellence in Advising

Graduate Women at MIT (GWAMIT) Executive Board

02/2015 - 06/2016

Events Chair

Elected member of the GWAMIT Executive Board, whose mission is to promote the personal and professional development of MIT’s graduate women community. Help coordinate event planning and outreach to the broader MIT community, including planning the 2015 Spring Empowerment Conference

Takeda Oncology (through Randstad Employment)

01/2015 - present

Graduate student Intern in Modeling and Simulation GroupResearching the somatic evolution of cancer, including mathematical modeling of tumor progression as a result of chromosomal instability

MIT Cheerleading Squad Coaching Staff

09/2014 - 06/2018

Assistant Coach

Responsible for helping teach cheerleaders new stunts and routines and encouraging student-athletes to work hard while taking care of themselves. Previously, squad member for 3 years including competing twice at NCA Collegiate Nationals

MIT Bioengineering Teaching Assistant

02/2013 - 05/2013

20.310 Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Biomechanics TA

Led weekly recitation/office hours particularly on molecular-scale topics, helped create problem set solutions, advised on final projects, helped with course administration

Harvard University Department of Mathematics Course Assistant

09/2008 – 05/2011

Math X/M Course AssistantGraded calculus homework, taught weekly sections, helped with course administration